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This is a side blog for princesspufferfish because I didn't want to spam up my main blog with dolls and also I felt bad for the people following me for dolls and getting a dash full of troll penis!



Okay, guys, fellow fandom members and doll collectors, can we please have some common decency to behave like polite and rational human beings.

Telling the ask blogs to “fuck off my tag” or that they’re “useless” and whatever other verbal abuse you guys have been giving them is pathetic. No seriously, grow up. If you don’t like them taking over the whole tag that is fair enough but you could at least be polite about it.

I myself set up an ask blog. I enjoy roleplaying and find it interesting. I also follow a bunch of the ask blogs from mine because I like to read that stuff. I will be tagging my posts as “ask Monster High” though because otherwise nobody who is interested will notice. However I use the Monster High tags to check out doll pictures and news and there are a lot of people on those tags that do the same.

I understand that one ask blog posting one or two posts wasn’t a big deal but with a lot more people getting in on it it has gotten annoying, and the posts are really clogging up the tags and that’s not okay with some people.

However there are twodecent, polite and kind ways to go about it;

  1. you can download Tumblr saviour and hide thier blogs so you don’t have to see.
  2. You could make a polite post that you would appreciate them not spamming up the tag please.

Or you can do what you’re all doing and be rude and obnoxious but trust me that actually makes me want to spam the tag myself and I wasn’t even planning on tagging very much at all.

Also people who run ask blogs; Whilst I thoroughly disagree with the way people are expressing thier annoyance how about we all team up and populate the “Ask Monster High” tag and let people know that’s what we’re doing?

That way people can find each other and have fun without annoying other collectors and fans and then everyone is happy? Yes?

And I don’t mind directing newbies over to our tag but if others could too that would be fantastic.

EDIT: And no you don’t get a read more unless you ask me nicely :3c

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